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We manufacture and market lipids and supply research chemicals and products from leading international companies for use in bioscientific, pharmaceutical, analytical, NMR and other applications. Examples of such products are Stable Isotope Compounds, Radiochemicals, NMR consumables, EIA Kits and related biochemicals and Environmental standards.

For the Swedish / Scandinavian market we regularly distribute catalogues, newsletters and other useful information from the companies that we represent.
By clicking "Research Chemicals" you will get an overview of these companies - you can also use this page to order catalogues that interest you.
By clicking on Lipids (Products) above and further searching by product groups you will find leading selections of lipid compounds for the most demanding applications. Unique products are listed in areas such as Fatty Acids and Derivatives, Oxylipins, Eicosanoids, Glycerides, 13C/D Lipids, Polyprenols, Dolichols, Coenzyme A Esters , L-Acyl-Carnitines.
To further support the use of biochemically derived lipids - Oxylipins, Eicosanoids and Unusual fatty Acids we provide appropriate literature (Publications above). Extensive documentation (MS, GC, HPLC) is supplied with these products.
We continuously introduce new Lipids – just click on the formula below and read more.


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17(Z)-Hexacosaenoic acid


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